Bellevue Sunshine is a child care and early learning facility licensed by the State of Washington. It is situated close to Lake Hills Park in Bellevue. Being a small group facility, it has limited openings. Enrollment in the child care program at Bellevue Sunshine is for full months and we do not accept drop-ins. The child care and learning program offered is exclusive in many aspects. Contact us to schedule a facility visit and know more details about the program. Children up to age 6 are accepted in Bellevue Sunshine.

Infants (0-11 months)

Babies need the most care of all age groups. The facility is equipped to provide care for 2 enrolled infants at a time.

Toddlers (1 - 3 year olds)

1 - 3 year olds are just discovering their surroundings. This is the age where early learning kicks in. Bellevue Sunshine provides toddlers a safe and rich environment to build on their inquisitiveness.

Pre-schoolers (3 - 6 years)

3 - 6 years of age is the period when foundational learning happens in children before school begins. We offer a unique blend of Montessori style and curriculum based 'adaptive' learning for pre-schoolers.

Care provider

As the primary care giver at Bellevue Sunshine, I have been professionally trained in the following:

  1. Child care basics for infants, toddlers and young children
  2. CPR and First Aid
  3. HIV/Blood-borne pathogens
  4. Food Handling
  5. Safe sleep for infants

Above professional development records can be requested by parents/guardians for review and are kept up to date with any new trainings and certifications achieved.

Vandana Mehrotra

Owner, Licensee & Care giver

Bellevue Sunshine

My Program Philosophy

Taking care of children asks from you a high degree of responsibility. It also rewards you with a level of satisfaction that keeps you motivated in this job. I am a mother of 2 and have many years of experience raising my own children. I have also supplemented this experience with professional child care training. The 3 tenets at the core of child care at Bellevue Sunshine are:

  1. Safety of the children when at the facility
  2. Health and well-being of them, and
  3. Targeted opportunities for them to learn and build relationships to be ready as successful kindergarteners.
Bellevue Sunshine is a small group child care where children are taken care of in a home setting. Targeted learning aids – toys, books, videos, games, indoor and outdoor activities are used to ensure an all-round development of your child. Individual needs of each child are taken into consideration while giving care. Most essentially, with a small group the learning amongst kids is enhanced because this gives them an opportunity to interact with the other kids and myself in a meaningful way.

I believe that children learn most from their parents! One of the key parts of my program is collaborating with parents to help understand more about their child in my care. Sharing information and ideas with parents helps in development of their child both at home and at Bellevue Sunshine and transition for the child from home to Bellevue Sunshine becomes easier.

Contact details

Contact Vandana for further information or scheduling a facility visit.